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Top Tips on Keeping Your Pets Teeth in Top Condition

Top Tips on Keeping Your Pets Teeth in Top Condition

Our pets can be prone to a wide range of health issues, and in dogs, dental disease is the second most common issue that pooches may experience – beaten only by ear infections. Dental conditions can be hard to diagnose though, and more often than not, owners may not be aware of the day-to-day upkeep options for keeping their precious companion’s teeth in tip top condition. Read on to find out more.

Doggy toothbrushes & toothpastes

As humans, we maintain our dental wellness by brushing our teeth, and we can do the exact same for our dogs with pooch friendly brushes and pastes! While we needn’t tend to our pets teeth twice a day as we would our own, we can certainly schedule some regular upkeep in for our dogs — around two to three times per week is recommended. Firstly, invest in a soft bristle toothbrush — you needn’t purchase a specifically dog-friendly brush, as regular, soft bristle brushes will suffice! However, ensure you purchase a dog-friendly toothpaste that doesn’t contain ingredients such as xylitol and fluoride, gentle enough for your pooch’s mouth.

Begin brushing your dog’s teeth once a week initially, and if necessary, build up positive associations with the experience for your pet — from giving them their favourite treats afterwards, to rewarding them with playtime or walkies.

Treat your pooch to tasty dental chews

As many dog owners will know, our pooches will do anything for a treat! But by giving them the right kind of tasty chews, we can promote them to self-clean their own teeth. Chewing on specific dental chews that contain no artificial ingredients can minimize the build-up of plaque and tartar, leaving your dogs with sparkling gnashers. If your dog is prone to particularly bad breath, these types of treats can lessen this too.

As with any treat, you’ll want to give them to your pooch occasionally, as some dental chews can be high in calories. and we’d always advise supervising your dog when they’re chewing away at a treat.

Avoid chews that are too hard

While we’ve explored the benefits of dental chews, some types of hard treats (and other items our dogs are prone to picking up) can damage your dogs teeth. The age old ‘give a dog a bone’ saying is one to be wary of, as bones specifically can wear down or at worst, break your dogs teeth. The same applies with items such as stones, which your dog my unknowingly to you, pick up while out walking. Discourage your dog from doing so to help maintain healthy teeth.

Schedule in dental check ups

As dental issues in dogs can either occur quickly or build up progressively, it’s important to review these aspects of their health regularly. You can factor dental wellness into your dogs’ trips to the vets — or to a credible groomer. Vets and groomers who offer dental care will be able to help identify any underlying issues in your dogs’ oral hygiene and overall health, suggesting the relevant care steps to take when necessary.

Our team of expert groomers offer our specialist Emmi Pet dental  care in selected parlour locations, contact us  to book an appointment and keep your dog’s teeth squeaky clean and healthy!