Services & Prices

Treat your faithful furry companion to a unique dog friendly spa day with The Muddy Paw. When your dog visits us for a grooming session, you can simply opt to add any of our spa treatments into the appointment, but we also offer our pawdicures as a standalone treatment.

Cleansing Tear Stain Facial Treatment

A blueberry and oatmeal facial to aid with the removal of beard and tear staining. This treatment is perfect for those lighter and white coloured dogs, to help keep faces looking dazzling white – this treatment has natural exfoliating properties, is free from bleach and gently hydrates for a deeper refreshing clean; it’s hypoallergenic and lick-safe too!

Price: £6

‘No more muddy paws’ pawdicure  

Helping to sooth paws damaged by the heat/snow or rough terrain, also great for irritated feet due to pollen or other allergens.

This treatment starts with a deep cleaning, fizzing tea tree foot bath that thoroughly cleanses your dog’s paws, removing dirt and aiding with foot staining, followed by a nail trim and file, paw trim including between pads, finished with a cool moisturising Oatmeal Paw Balm to help with cracked and rough pads.

Price: £10-20 (Nail clip alone £5-£7)
(Depending on location)

Minty fresh breath               

Fresh breath treatment, using a combination of a gel which targets bacteria in the mouth around the teeth and gums which form plaque and tartare, also helping to reduce inflammation on the gums. We finish off with a breath freshening foam which neutralises odours in the mouth and stomach, helping to keep their mouths fresh.

Price: from £8

Luxury Muddy Mud Bath Treatment – Soothing

This Soothing Madra Mor Mud uses mineral rich clay with high concentrations of colloidal oatmeal and nourishing, healing ingredients such as organic aloe vera powder, green-tea, lavender, Witch Hazel. These natural powerful ingredients promote healthy cell regeneration. This Soothing Madra Mor Mud is specifically designed to promote healthy skin while combatting your dog’s skin problems such as sensitive, inflamed, and itching skin. The treatment is also ideal for blemishes, tenderness of the skin, and hot spots.

£15.00 in addition to any Muddy Paw groom service or from £30.00 without groom