Services & Prices: Grooming

Find our dog grooming prices and treatment options below. Please note that we consider every case separately. While we’ve provided our dog grooming price list, we take the following factors into consideration so please allow for variations in cost where we’ve accounted for any of the following:

  • Size of the dog 
  • Grooming history 
  • Stage of the coat and it’s condition 
  • Thickness of the coat 
  • Medical Conditions 
  • Dog’s age 
  • Dog’s behaviour 
  • Gender (Male/Female) 
  • Neutered or not neutered 
  • Pet dog or breeding dog 

We need to consider these factors as they determine the levels of work required. We do not want to overcharge you, neither do we wish to underestimate our work. Please be as precise as possible when describing your dog. 

Before any service, your groomer will provide a consultation for you on your dog’s specific needs, covering anything that they may need to be aware of ahead of a treatment.  

Full groom 

Our full grooms are ideal for giving your dog a thorough refresh. Starting with an initial consultation, your groomer will then bathe your dog using natural shampoo and conditioner, drying off with a towel and a warm blow-dry. Your dog will then enjoy a full cut and trim including between pads, paws, and clipping of nails. As well as an ear cleanse and finally a professional coat styling.  

Prices vary on breed, size and location:

  • Small breed: from £30.00 
  • Medium Breed: from £36.00 
  • Large Breed: from £45.00 

Bath, brush & blow-dry 

This treatment includes a warm bath, shampoo, conditioner and massage, warm blow dry followed by a good brush out using our specialised brushes then nail clip and ear cleanse to finish.

Perfect for shorter hair breeds such as bulldogs, dalmatians, and terriers; also perfect option for in-between grooms for curly coated breeds (recommended on the 2nd or 3rd week in between their full groom.

Prices start from £20.00.  


This is the perfect package to de-shed and freshen up, getting rid of dead hair and making your dog feel a million dollars again!

A luxury, organic shampoo and conditioner, specially selected to complement their coat and nourish their skin, promoting a healthy shine, followed by the use of our special de-shedding brushes in the bath whilst the treatment soaks in,

A great option for double coated breeds such as Labradors, German Shepherds, Pomeranians and Huskies.

£10 on top of any grooming service.

Hand stripping

Handstripping is a specialised process which maintains the rich colour and texture of the dogs coat – breeds such as border terriers and wire haired dachshunds, and some silky-coated dogs such as spaniels and setters, which will benefit from having their coat handstripped rather than clipped or scissored.

Prices vary, consult your groomer for more details. 

Puppy Pamper

Our puppy pampers include a gentle bath and blow dry, ear clean, eye tidy if necessary, hygiene tidy, and nail trim.

We’ll help your puppy to feel at ease in a grooming environment, gradually introducing our expert equipment until they’re fully comfortable. This service is a great option to choose before your puppy is old enough for a full groom.  

Receive 50% off your puppies first visit to us.

Puppy grooming package price: from £20.  

Nails, Teeth & Ears

Nail clipping, teeth cleaning and ear cleaning comes standard with some of our service and these can also be added to any other grooming service, or as a stand alone.

Prices vary.