Emmi-Pet Dental

The Muddy Paw offer Emmi-Pet dental hygiene treatments as part of their dedicated Canine Wellness services to our clients within our dog grooming salon.

Emmi-Pet is a revolutionary dental hygiene treatment that is completely silent, non-vibrational and gentle that works to prevent periodontitis, tooth loss, bad breath odour, plaque and tartar build up, inflamed gums and much more.

Emmi-Pet works up to 12mm below the gum line and strengthens gum tissues, as well as aiding healing processes.

Why is dog dental care so important?  

Many dog lovers argue against brushing their dogs’ teeth because they’ve had bad experiences with it in the past. Some owners have owned dogs for many years and never done any dental care, so they can’t see any reason for starting it now. But it is simply a matter of health because bacteria and tartar present serious health risks. The causative organism can make its way through the throat into the entire body and cause damage everywhere. This potential disease risk can be relatively easily prevented by good dental hygiene and prevent painful inflammation, tooth loss or the need for anaesthesia for scaling removal.

The Muddy Paw offers dog dental care treatments at affordable prices, many owners saving hundreds of pounds in comparison to the cost of veterinary bills for their dog’s dental health. 

Our best valued and most popular option is to purchase a course of 4 treatments, within this time, the majority of dogs will have a vast improvement in oral health and appearance. After the initial course, we recommend a top up treatment every 8 weeks to maintain. Existing dog grooming customers of The Muddy Paw will receive a discount on prices detailed on our treatment menu

Please note, our Emmi-Dental services are only offered at selected salons – please visit our locations pages to find out if this service is available at your local salon, or contact us and our team will provide guidance.  


We offer 2 packages, each suitable for different levels of dental care required.

Your dog’s toothbrush head will be stored at the salon ready for every appointment, with your first being included within the cost of each package. Toothbrush heads need to be replaced after approximately 25 uses, or earlier if damaged. Additional heads will cost £7 each.


Pay as you go
This treatment is for maintenance of your dog’s mouth and is ideally suited to dogs that do not have tartar build up.


  • Your dogs own toothbrush head
  • 30 minute appointment


2/3 WEEK VISIT – £12

4+ WEEK VISIT – £15

(Subject to 30 minute consultation – £30)

Please note the recommended maintenance frequency for optimum results from the ultrasound tooth brush is minimum 4 weekly, although some dogs may need to come more regularly to maintain a healthy mouth.


This package provides an offer for bulk sessions on our maintenance treatment for overall dog oral health. Ideal if your pet has a build up of plaque/tartar on the teeth requiring a more intensive program as this will require multiple sessions, but can also be used for your bi-weekly/monthly maintenance sessions.


  • Your dogs own toothbrush head
  • 30 minute appointment
  • Total of 10 sessions for you to book when needed

(Subject to 30 minute consultation – £30)

Bulk sessions can be booked when needed whether this be weekly, fortnightly or monthly, frequent visits will be more effective.