The Muddy Paw is mindful that leaving your beloved dog in a stranger’s care can be hard. We always make sure that your pet loves their groomer, and this is done by ensuring that a bond is created before grooming starts. Once the grooming starts it is always done with care and attention, making sure your dog receives plenty of praise and cuddles, with rests if required.

Our focus is the provision of bespoke care to your friend, we do not operate as a large commercial salon with a conveyor belt system. Our ethos is to allow dogs the time, attention, and emotional support they require for a positive experience with us. We also, provide each of our clients with a safe, friendly and inviting atmosphere, where they feel welcomed and comfortable through the salon’s transparent environment. Owners are welcome to view the salon to ensure they feel secure in leaving their pet family members.

Types of dogs we groom 

At The Muddy Paw, we welcome all breeds, sizes and temperaments of dogs; don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding a particular breed or coat type. 

Qualified professionals  

Each member of the Muddy Paw team is a qualified or extremely experienced dog groomer. Our staff work hard to improve their academic knowledge of dogs. Each groomer is a qualified ‘Canine First Aider’ to give you that added reassurance.

As dog lovers, our goal is to ensure your dog has a pleasurable grooming treatment in a safe and relaxing environment and of course at great prices. We take the best possible care of your dog, and our studios use the best products.

Here at The Muddy Paw, our groomers will only do what is in the best interest of your pet and will always offer information and advice where required to all pet owners.

There’s nothing quite like seeing a dog with matted, dirty hair and long-nails arrive, and then be transformed into a sleek, shining, and-trimmed star ready for the red carpet.

Spa treatments 

We also offer an array of doggy-friendly spa treatments for pooches using trusted products and practiced approaches to promote daily wellbeing for our canine companions.  

Our dog spa day treatments can be added to any of our grooming services, giving your pet a thorough refresh while also supporting their sense of wellness. From deep facial cleanses, to pawdicures and minty fresh breath treatments, your dog can enjoy an attentive pamper experience post-groom. 

If you want your pooch to truly unwind during their visit to us, be sure to contact your local salon to find out which of our dog spa treatments are available near you, or browse our spa services & prices menu now. 

What you can expect from us

Full groom process:

All grooms at The Muddy Paw start with a consultation to assess your dog’s coat, their requirements, and what you would like them to look like. We will discuss their history and take note of any health issues to ensure we offer your dog the best service possible. Your dog will then go for a relaxing bath in natural shampoos with a gentle massage, followed by a towel dry before moving on to the hair dryer. If your dog is nervous of noises, not to worry, we have special earmuffs for dogs called Happy Hoodies to make them more comfortable and take it all at their own pace. Once they are fully dry and brushed through, we will trim their nails and clip out the hair in their pads, clean their ears and then we will style them to your preferences, whether you like them to look like an adorable teddy bear or prefer them to have a shorter, more practical groom for running through muddy fields.

Bath, Brush & Blowdry

Our bath and brush appointments involve a short consultation to establish what your dog needs to get them looking and smelling their best.

For short coated or double coated breeds, we will get them in the bath and give them as many washes as needed to come up squeaky clean; giving them a gentle massage as we go. After the bath, we give them a blow dry which helps to bring out the loose undercoat. We finish the groom with a good brush out using specialised brushes, clip their nails and pads (if necessary) and then clean their ears.

For longer coated dogs, we offer bath and brush treatments to not only get them lovely and clean, but to keep their coat tidy in between their full groom appointments. This treatment includes a thorough bath and blow dry, a full brush through to remove any knots, a sanitary trim, a nail trim and ear clean, finishing with an eye and paw tidy to keep them looking smart. This treatment is also very useful for dogs who love to adventure; getting muddy and sandy or for dogs who just need a good freshen up.

De-shed process

If your dog requires a de-shed, we will offer our de-shedding package which is a specialised shampoo and conditioner treatment. This treatment helps to open up the hair follicles and release the shedding undercoat which helps us to get out as much coat as possible, as gently as possible. We will  use special de-shedding brushes in the bath whilst the treatment soaks in to bring out a lot of the shedding undercoat. The blow dryer after the bath helps to remove even more undercoat, making a big hairy snowstorm in the grooming room. When they are dry, we get to work with our de-shedding brushes until we just can’t get any more coat out!

Puppy pamper process

Puppy grooms are all about getting your puppy used to the grooming process and feeling confident. Puppy pampers are available from as soon as pup is vaccinated and allowed out for walks up until 6 months of age, when we should be ready for full grooms. We take things slowly, introducing more equipment as they build in confidence until they have learnt about all they need to know to feel happy and settled in a grooming environment. Puppy pampers include a gentle bath and blow dry, ear clean, eye tidy if necessary, hygiene tidy,

and nail trim. As they grow in confidence, we can introduce them to having a bit more tidying, such as around their feet to get them ready for their first full groom.

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Handstrip process

Some breeds of dog have a wire coat, such as border terriers and wire-haired dachshunds. Some have silky coats such as spaniels and setters, which will benefit from having their coat handstripped rather than clipped or scissored. Handstripping is a specialised process that involves removing the dead hair from the coat by hand, maintaining the rich colour and texture of the dog’s coat. If you think this is something your dog will benefit from, we will have a consultation to assess your dog’s coat to check it is suitable and ready for stripping.