The Muddy Paw: professional
dog groomers.

Welcome to The Muddy Paw, we’re proud to provide our expert dog grooming services across the UK from our salons, each led by our trusted team of professional groomers. Find your nearest salon location and get ready for a waggy tail post-pamper.  

Dog Grooming Services

Our unique dog grooming services are provided across all of our UK locations, with a team of friendly experts on hand to welcome your pooch into the salon. Whether your dog is in need of a full groom, a bath and blow dry, or some TLC in the form of our luxury spa treatments, we’ll tend to your canine companion in an attentive, caring manner.

Our Salons

You’ll find us across the country, from Carlisle to Andover, Chesterfield and beyond. We began from our original base in Northampton, and now we’re proud to offer our services in multiple regions of the country.  

Our Spa & Wellness Treatments

As well as providing dog grooming essentials, we also offer our unique ‘dog spa day’ treatments which can be added onto a service from us. From pawdicures to facials, as well as dog dental care and puppy pampers, your beloved companion will be feeling revitalised.